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Office of the Dean

General Contact

Phillip Closius, Dean


Taylor Warrington-Purcell, Assistant to the Dean

Office of Law Academic Affairs

General Contact


Laurie Meehan, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Office of Law Admissions

General Contact


Jeffrey Zavrotny, Associate Dean for Law Admission

Office of Law Professional Development

General Contact


Kimberly Gattuso, Associate Dean for Experiential Learning


Heather Karns, Associate Dean for Career Services

Law Library

Trezlan Drake, Associate Dean for Library and Information Resources

Law Faculty

Edson Bostic, Professor of Legal Practice

Veronica Finkelstein, Associate Professor of Law

Michael Hornzell, Assistant Professor of Law

Nicole Mozee, Assistant Professor of Law

Lawrence Ponoroff, Professor of Law

Alex Smalls, Professor of Legal Practice

Patricia Wise, Associate Professor of Law


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