The faculty of Wilmington University School of Law brings to life the phrase “legal education within a community of caring.” These individuals were selected as WilmU Law faculty not only for their extensive practice experience and legal expertise but also for their commitment to the ideals of the law school, including access, inclusivity and engaged mentorship.

Edson Bostic

Edson Bostic, J.D.

Professor of Legal Practice

Edson Bostic is a seasoned litigator with many years of criminal and civil litigation experience. Read More

Veronica Finkelstein

Veronica Finkelstein, J.D.

Associate Professor

Veronica J. Finkelstein combines the best of practice and teaching, devoting herself to developing the next generation of top advocates. Read More

Michael Hornzell

Michael Hornzell, J.D.

Assistant Professor

Michael Hornzell, a career educator excited to bring his passion for teaching to the Wilmington University School of Law, will teach Property and Legal Writing. Read More

Alisa Klein

Alisa Klein, J.D.

Associate Professor

Alisa Klein is a senior-level career appellate attorney at the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) in Washington, D.C. Read More

Nicole Mozee

Nicole Mozee, J.D.

Assistant Professor

Nicole Mozee advocates for civil liberties, civil rights, and social justice. Read More

Lawrence Ponoroff

Lawrence Ponoroff, J.D.


Lawrence Ponoroff is both a professor at Wilmington University and professor emeritus at Tulane University Law School. Read More

Kimberly Richardson

Kimberly Richardson, J.D.

Associate Professor

Kimberly Richardson has extensive experience in corporate law as Senior Counsel.  Read More

Alex Smalls

Alex Smalls, J.D.

Professor of Legal Practice

Alex Smalls was appointed Chief Judge of the Court of Common Pleas in 1997 and was the first African American in Delaware to become a Chief Judge of a State Court. Read More

Patricia Wise

Patricia Wise, J.D.

Associate Professor

Patricia Wise is a nationally-known employment law practitioner. Read More

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