Academic Calendar

Fall 2023

Important dates for the Fall 2023 semester.
Event Date(s)
Fall Registration Begins June 19
Fall Semester (LAW) Late Registration & Add August 14
Fall Semester (LAW) New Student Orientation August 14–16
Fall Semester (LAW) Classes Begin August 21
Fall Semester (LAW) Drop Only Ends August 28
Fall Semester (LAW) Withdrawal Ends October 16
Fall Semester (LAW) Classes End December 4
Fall Semester (LAW) Study Period December 5–6
Fall Semester (LAW) Exam Period December 7–15

Spring 2024

Important Dates for the Spring 2024 semester.
Event Date(s)
Spring Registration Begins October 23
Spring Semester (LAW) Late Registration & Add January 2
Spring Semester (LAW) Classes Begin January 8
Spring Semester (LAW) Drop Only Ends January 16
Spring Semester (LAW) Withdrawal Ends March 4
Spring Semester (LAW) Classes End April 24
Spring Semester (LAW) Study Period April 25–28
Spring Semester (LAW) Exam Period April 29–May 6

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