Admission Policies

Many factors are considered by the admissions committee in order to reach a decision. These include, but are not limited to, undergraduate and graduate performance, test scores, letters of recommendation, personal statement and work experience. The goal when reviewing an application is to determine, based upon all the evidence provided, whether the applicant is capable of completing the program of legal education and be admitted to the Bar.

Although letters of recommendation, a personal statement and a resume are not required, applicants are encouraged to submit these documents. Applicants may request that the Office of Admissions hold an application until all desired documents are received.


Test scores are only one indicator of potential success in law school. The School of Law places more emphasis on the highest LSAT or GRE score obtained by the applicant when multiple scores are available. However, all scores are considered. Applicants with disparate scores should include an addendum with their application to explain the difference between the scores. Applicants must have taken the LSAT or GRE within the past five years.


Applicants must submit transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate institutions attended to the Credential Assembly Service. The School of Law will review each transcript as part of the decision-making process. Individual courses, course grades, GPA trends, academic major, and other aspects of the transcripts are considered as part of the review.

Applicants must hold (or be in pursuit of) a bachelor’s degree awarded by an accredited U.S. college or university or an equivalent degree from a recognized non-U.S. institution. Students must submit a transcript indicating that the bachelor’s degree was conferred prior to the first day of class if they are admitted and matriculate.

Work Experience

Applicants should submit a current resume listing relevant work, educational, and volunteer activities.  Work and other activities are often vital to the review process.

Personal Statement

The applicant should submit a statement describing how the applicant fits into the mission of the school of law.  The statement complements the rest of the application and provides additional depth which may not be easily found in the other documents.

Letters of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation are often a key component used when reaching a decision. Recommendations from prior faculty, employers or others with professional a relationship with the applicant should address the applicant’s determination, academic abilities, commitment or other positive attributes.

Overcoming Obstacles Statement

Many applicants have had to overcome obstacles on their journey to law school. The ways in which applicants succeeded despite these obstacles may help the admissions committee in its review process. Applicants are encouraged to submit a statement discussing how they have overcome obstacles in their lives. 

Character and Fitness

All applicants with an affirmative answer to any of the character and fitness questions are required to submit an addendum with the application. Details are provided in the application.

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