Law School 101 

Law school is extremely challenging and incredibly rewarding.  To reduce the stress of starting law school and to help make it more rewarding, we have partnered with AccessLex to offer an asynchronous online program called JDEdge.  JDEdge consists of approximately 20 hours of content including interactive online lessons, videos, webinars, and live workshops.  


JDEdge Modules

Module One: Introduction to Law School — Engage in lessons on time management during law school, where to go for help within your law school community, an overview of the judicial system, and some important legal terminology.

Module Two: Preparing for Class — Learn how to prepare for and get the most out of the class experience, as well how to make sure the learning sticks. Lessons include case reading and briefing, the Socratic method, notetaking, rule synthesis, and creating study materials.

Module Three: Preparing for Exams — Engage in lessons on writing for law school exams, effective study and memorization techniques, and the importance of taking practice exams. You will also prepare for – and take – a practice exam.

Module Four: Preparing for Law Practice — lessons on licensure, character and fitness, stress management, professional expectations, landing your first legal job, and funding the bar exam experience.

Module Five: Moving Forward — This final module focuses on many of the skills required for well-being in law school such as mindset, professional planning, and reflection.

In addition to JDEdge, Professor Finkelstein will be holding a Zoom session with new students on July 29th.   This meeting will be approximately 2 hours and be in the evening.  More details to come.

We ask that you complete Modules 1 and 2 of JDEdge prior to the Zoom meeting.


JDEdge Acces Instructions




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