Mentorship Program

The mentoring program creates opportunities for students to interact with and learn from legal professionals in our community as they move through their legal education. Completion of the first-year mentoring program is required for all students. In the first-year program, each student will be individually paired with a mentor. This approach is designed to give students the opportunity to get to know a mentor on an individual level and have one-on-one conversations. Utilizing this structure simplifies finding time for the student and mentor to connect throughout the first year. Students may choose to enroll in the mentoring program in upper-level years as a year or semester commitment.  Download PDF of program.  Read more about our first mentorship meeting which was held in September.


people discussing legal education at a table.

Student Expectations

  • Participation is required
  • Participate and fully engage in the Program Expectations
  • Be responsive to mentor’s outreach
  • Provide the school of law with written reflection following meetings with your mentor

Mentor Expectations

  • Be in good legal standing and no grievances on file
  • Support and participate in the Program Expectations outlined below
  • Check in with your student monthly in addition to scheduled meetings/programs
  • Respond to law school survey requesting feedback in December and May

Program Participation Expectations

  • Attend the opening and closing meetings which will take place in person
  • Meet a minimum of 6 times throughout the academic year
  • One meeting should include attending a Bar Association meeting