Externship Program

WilmU Law students may complete up to 15 credits through externships. This allows students to gain a tremendous amount of experience which can be applied to the degree. Our externship office will place students in opportunities within our legal community (Delaware, Southeastern PA, Southern NJ and Northern MD) and will assist students to find opportunities in other jurisdictions.

During their externships, students will work at their placement for a set number of hours, as well as participate in a weekly seminar compromised of direct instruction, tutorials, and self-reflection.

Credit for externships must be approved in advance by the Associate Dean for Experiential Learning. To qualify under this program, each externship must include legal work performed in a professional setting under the direct supervision of a licensed attorney at the host organization.

Full-time students will complete their first externships for credit in their fourth semester.  Part-time students complete their first externship for credit in their sixth semester.

Judicial Externships

Dive deep into the heart of the legal system by participating in a Judicial Externship. Earning credit while working side-by-side with esteemed judges offers students a unique glimpse into the intricacies of legal proceedings, case analysis and judicial insight. This unparalleled opportunity fosters not only foundational legal skills but also provides an opportunity to participate in professional collaboration, observe courtroom proceedings, practice legal skills and engage in critical decision-making.

Private Law Firm Externships

Embark on a transformative journey with an externship in a private law firm. Whether you are seeking to narrow down your practice area of interest or eager to learn more about how a law firm operates, these externships immerse students in the bustling environment of a private legal practice. Learn from seasoned attorneys who are not just experts in their field, but also dedicated mentors. Engage with real clients, tackle pressing legal challenges, and navigate the dynamic interaction of law, business, and ethics. In addition to sharpening your legal acumen, an externship with a private law firm provides an opportunity to network within the legal community, understand law firm culture and gain insights into various practice areas.

Non-Profit Organization Externships

Experience a unique blend of advocacy, service, and legal expertise through an externship with a non-profit organization. From protecting civil rights to addressing environmental concerns or providing legal assistance to the underserved, these externships provide insight into the many facets of public interest law. Students will not only hone their legal skills, but also witness the profound impact law can have on individuals and communities. Through externships with non-profit organizations, students gain invaluable mentorship, broaden their horizons, and find inspiration in a career path that intertwines legal acumen with societal change.

Government Agency Externships

Elevate your legal journey through an externship with a state or federal government agency. Venture beyond traditional legal confines and delve into a setting where law, governance, and public policy converge. Under the guidance of top government professionals, explore the multifaceted roles lawyers play in shaping, interpreting, and enforcing the legal framework that guides our society. From drafting legislation to investigating compliance to litigating civil or criminal matters, these externships present an array of opportunities to witness application of the law in its broadest context.


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